Creating a Commercial For Your Business with Aerial Shots

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Over the course of many years, videography has been evolving with more and more ways to show creativeness and advances in designs in video production. The use of the drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is one example of this. Aerial shots and videos display scenes that cannot be seen with horizontal photography.

Why Use Aerial Shots?

Most commercials you saw online use the classic horizontal perspective in promoting their business. When you embrace the use of aerial shots in your company’s commercial, it will be something new and interesting to your target audience. Aerial shots can provide your viewers with an exemplary bird’s eye view of your business. Lemonlight Media video production company, a well-known production company in Chicago, says that aerial shots are an interesting way to spice up your videos. They’re unexpected and helps increase the engagement with your target audience.

One of the industries that can take full advantage of using aerial shots is the real estate industry. Mesmerize your clients with the beauty that surrounds the property and neighborhood you are selling. If the nature of your business is in recreation to which you want to promote your theme park, golf course or other fun attractions, aerial photos can also be an awesome way to demonstrate to your clients what your products are and the services you offer. Additionally, if your business is in design –engineering, architecture, and landscaping –you will have a greater advantage in giving your clients the progress and development of your projects.

Other industries that may use drone shots for their commercials are a wedding planner, farms, sporting events, schools, and dining establishments.  Whether you are an established or a start-up company, having a commercial with aerial shots should be something you should try.

How to Improve a Commercial Using Aerial Shoots

As a good number of industries can benefit from aerial shots, it is only practical to know how you can make a compelling commercial to attract your target audience and customers.

  • Know what you want to highlight in your commercial

Whatever your business may be, you must have the right idea as to what aspects of your business you want to highlight. If you are promoting your theme park, you will most likely want to highlight the attraction that is most popular among your customers –the snake slide, the horror house, or the rides? You may also have your newest attraction included.

  • Know your budget

An expert drone pilot with a good background in producing commercials may cost you some money but regardless of the cost, you will sure have a commercial that will attract customers. But if you know a friend who can operate a drone, why not make your own commercial? There are plenty of video editing software you may use which can deliver a great commercial.

  • Find a reliable team to produce your commercial

If money is not an issue in your business, make sure that you get the ones that can make your vision about your commercial come true. Someone you can talk to freely and someone who can also give you great ideas. Your production team will most likely include a videographer/photographer and a video editor who is an expert in aerial shooting and videography. It is very important that your team understands what you want in your commercial.


Creating a commercial for your business with aerial shots included may be something new to most people. This ingenious commercial strategy will not only fascinate your target audience but will also give you the advantage among all other competitions in your industry.

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The History Of Drone Technology

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Drone technology has been around for quite some time. In the event that you’ve looked at the news these previous months, you’ve presumably seen some news about drones. Drones utilized by the CIA to vaporize suspected fear based oppressors. Drones utilized by the United States military. Drones that convey sustenance. Drones utilized by cops. Drones perhaps damaging the US Constitution. Drones securing untamed life. Drones in popular culture. Possibly this has abandoned you with some smoldering inquiries concerning these inexorably unmistakable flying robots.

Understanding the History of Drone Technology

At the point when was the drone created? Expecting you’re discussing the terrifying sorts of drones that bomb America’s speculated foes, you’re likely thinking about the MQ-1 Predator, created by military temporary worker General Atomics. This Predator drone was initially presented in 1995 as a reconnaissance and knowledge gathering device and was then deceived out to dispatch weapons like hellfire rockets. The ensuing bigger incarnation of the Predator is the MQ-9 Reaper. In any case, hasn’t this thought been around a great deal longer? Without a doubt, the advanced military drone can be followed back to the mid-twentieth century.

In the thirties, the British Royal Navy built up Queen Bee, a simple radio-controlled drone that was utilized as an aeronautical target for British pilots. Queen Bee could fly as quickly as one hundred mph. The top speed for your normal cutting edge Predator is one hundred and thirty-five mph. However, drones today are no longer confined to the military world.

It is making its way to the public. One of the many industries that are making the best use of Drone technology would be the open security. Open security authorities include cops and expert firefighters in the U.S. and in addition an assortment of expert and volunteer crisis medicinal specialist organizations who shield the general population from occasions that could cause critical risk, including normal fiascos, man-made debacles, and violations.

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How Drone Technology Is Changing The World

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One of the most advanced tech products today, Drone is becoming more prominent in terms of utilization. The utilization of drones, later on, could be a more capable way to deal with certain airspace operations from a natural, environmental and human hazard point of view. The unmanned vehicles we find today have longer operational length and require less upkeep than prior models and are more fuel-proficient. This airship can be conveyed in an assortment of territories and may not require arranged runways. Horticulture and open securities are the most encouraging business and common markets for this technology.

Understanding How Drone Technology is Changing the World

These two markets are thought to include roughly ninety percent of the known potential markets for UAV. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that UAV are now being utilized as a part of an assortment of uses, and numerous more zones will profit by their utilization, for example, out of control fire mapping, agrarian observing, infrared electrical cable reviews, law implementation, media transmission, climate observing, TV news scope, donning occasions, movie making, ecological observing, oil and gas investigation, as well as cargo transport.

While UAV can be utilized as a part of various diverse markets, the report focuses on the two markets with the biggest potential, which would be business and common. It likewise outlines every single other market, including accuracy horticulture and open security.

As a real life example, an assortment of remote sensors are being utilized to output plants for medical issues, record development rates, and hydration, and find ailment episodes. Such sensors can be connected to ground vehicles and even aviation satellites. Exactness application, a practice particularly helpful for harvest ranchers and horticulturists, uses viable and proficient splash methods to all the more specifically cover plants and fields. This permits ranchers to give just the required pesticide or supplement every plant, diminishing the aggregate sum splashed, and along these lines sparing cash and decreasing ecological effects.

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